Cals and Flexibility


CALS – 7 lines on the Goal line.           “W” Jacks – Whittier, Warrior, Football, Unity, Pride, Effort

1 - High Knee Crossover – step across imaginary line while raising knees and rotating trunk.

2 - Heel Kick – work for lots of foot contacts while pulling heels to butt, dorsi flex the ankle.

3 - Backward Walk – reach back far, squeeze glutes and hams.

4 - Forward Lunge Step – reach out far and sink in the middle, keep trunk upright.

5 - Backward Run – Not DB type back pedal. Stay tall, take big reaching steps.

6 - Backpedal – lower shoulders, fast feet, “cut the grass,” fast arm rotation.

7 - Lateral Groin Step – sink at hips, knees and ankles, keep trunk upright, slow transfer of weight.

8 - Lateral Groin Step – Opposite.

9 - Shuffle – head and eyes level, hands together, thumbs up, do not bounce, do not cross feet.

10 - Shuffle – Opposite.

11- Carioka – “Pop” the hips open, keep shoulders square to front, drive front knee high across.

12 - Carioka – Opposite.

13 - Standing long jump x 10 or all the way across the court.

14 - Single leg jump, Left foot, Right foot.



FLEX    “On yer belly. Set, Go.”

Quad – Grab feet (outside over instep) and pull up stretching quadriceps.

Achilles – Hands palm down under shoulders, walk feet towards hands, keep weight on hands, heels flat.

Anterior Ankle – On knees, heels wider than hips, shoelaces on the deck, toes point straight back, lay

            back as can.

Up & Over – on butt, feet together, roll back and try to touch toes to deck, keep legs straight as possible.

Hurdler – Left leg out with toe straight up, right sole tight to inside thigh, reach out and grab instep or

            ankle, pull nose to knee. Switch.

Butterfly – soles of feet together, sit upright, grasp instep and lean forward at waist, press out on legs with elbows.

Hollywood – seated on floor, left leg over right, use right arm to arm on left leg to turn torso to left.

Leg Over – Lie on back, feet together, arms spread, palms down. Lift left leg straight up, lay across body

as close to opposite hand as possible. Keep shoulders flat and off leg straight. Switch.

“On yer feet, Set, Go.”

Wide Middle – Feet wide apart, grab ankles and pull nose down between knees. Mid, Left, Right, Mid.

Sumo Squat – Feet apart, toes pointing out, sink down in middle, chest out, eyes up, place elbows inside

            knees and push out.

Tight Middle – Feet together, knees straight, grab ankles and pull nose down between knees.

Forward Lunge – Left foot out in front with heel to the deck and toes in air, slight bend in front knee. Keep back knee off the deck and back toe straight ahead. Head up and eyes to front, sink down in middle. Use hands on either side of leg for balance if needed. Switch.

“W” Jacks – Whittier, Warrior, Football, Unity, Pride, Effort.



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