10 point Form Running

Note – 2 times each, 20-40 yards. Increase intensity from 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, sic ‘em!


1) “EYE FOCUS” straight ahead. Keep head level and motionless and jaw relaxed.


2) “ARCH THE BACK” as if squatting with chest out over toes to achieve good forward body



3) “HANDS” The knuckles are vertical with the palms inward. Fingers gently curled with thumb

            touching forefinger at the second joint.


4) “FIX” the angle of the elbow at 90 degrees. Do NOT allow elbow joint to open in the

            rearward swing as if receiving a baton in a relay race.


5) “SHOULDER ROTATION” Allow shoulders to hang in relaxed manner; do NOT tighten the

            traps and “shrug” your shoulders. Arm movement should be in linear front to back

motion, not side to side crossing the body. Imagine elbowing someone in the chin standing behind you. Use full rang of motion driving hands from “chin to hammer.”


6) “SQUEEZE” the elbows into the body throughout the shoulder rotation.


7) “HAMMER” At the full backward position of shoulder rotation, while maintaining the fixed

            elbow position, snap the wrist back as if you were pounding a nail with a very tiny

            hammer. Simulate reaching for your wallet.


8) “KNEE PUNCH” Drive your knee forward with an outward knee punch, not vertical knee lift.

            Drive your knee through an imaginary 3 foot wall.


9) “TOE STRIKE” is down and back, under the hip, not in front. Do not reach out with foreleg,

            rather drive the foreleg down and back explosively.


10) “PUSH OFF” (Hyperextension) During the foot strike, push off of the toes hard to fully

extend the plant leg for maximum power production and stride length.



2000 W Brooks St